The Pulmonica®


Pulmonica = Innovative Wellness

The Pulmonica is a special Pulmonary Harmonica that produces deep, resonant sounds felt vibrating in the lungs and sinuses. No musical talent is needed – just breathing deeply through the Pulmonica is therapeutic and always sounds great.

  • Short of breath? Builds lung strength
  • Stuffed up? Vibrations loosen congestion
  • Anxious? Relaxes mind and body

Smooth edges and quality materials make it safe to handle and a joy to use. The Pulmonica is patented respiratory therapy that you can carry in your pocket.

Breathe Better Now

Most adults lose lung function as they get older, leading to shortness of breath and decreased energy levels, and the decline in wellness is hastened by lung disorders such as COPD and asthma. The Pulmonica allows everyone to include conscientious belly breathing and soothing sounds in their daily routine. Low harmonics gently pulse the lung and sinus cavities, helping to loosen secretions and make breathing easier. Better breathing and deep relaxation increase your overall wellness. If breathing is a problem because of age, COPD, asthma, allergies, exposure to pollution, or other reasons, playing the Pulmonica regularly could help. Surveys show, the more you play, the better you breathe.

No Background Needed

Special tuning makes the Pulmonica easy to play without a musical background. Wind instruments, especially harmonicas, have long been known to promote belly breathing (also referred to as abdominal or diaphragmatic breathing - a key component of physical wellness), but not everyone can learn to play a wind instrument. Long, slow, deep, and complete breathing is all that is needed for a Pulmonica. See our Program page for detailed directions on use and care.

Where Can I Learn More about the Pulmonica?

  •  Attend a Breathe Better Now seminar
  •  Visit us at conferences and community events

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Where Can I Buy a Pulmonica?

   Buy at Amazon in USA

   Buy from Seydel Outside USA

For quantities, use our Contact page or call us at 941.377.9815

What comes with the Pulmonica?

The Pulmonica, a leather carrying case, a cleaning cloth, instructions for use and care, all neatly bundled.

See the Box Contents

Photo of Pulmonica Pulmonary Harmonica

Our Commitment to Better Breathing

Dana Playing a Pulmonica Harmonica

For every twenty Pulmonicas sold, Harmonica Techs will donate one to a charity to distribute to needy clients with respiratory issues. Our first charity is the Senior Friendship Center health clinic in Florida, which serves low-income older adults. If you are part of a nonprofit that serves people with COPD or other breathing issues who could benefit from using the Pulmonica, please let us know.

Harmonica Techs is proud to announce that we have been awarded a United States patent on the Pulmonica (Air Resistance Device), certifying that this is a novel, useful respiratory device. This is not a regular harmonica, it's low-tuned for maximum therapeutic value.

We also sponsor research on our Pulmonary Harmonica and welcome inquiries on our Contact page.


Hand-made in Germany by Seydel, the world’s oldest harmonica manufacturer, the Pulmonica is warranted for one full year against manufacturing and material defects. If purchased from Amazon, the Pulmonica is also covered by Amazon’s 30-day money-back guarantee.