Pulmonica® Music

Harmonicas are fun instruments to play if you are musically inclined, and the Pulmonica is a fully functioning, high quality harmonica. Of course, unlike most harmonicas, you always sound good on the Pulmonica and there is no pressure to become a musician.

Below we have the sheet music for some simple songs specially prepared for the Pulmonica tuning, which is in the key of G. We also have background tracks for you to follow along with, prepared by our friend, Al Fuller. We have the Pulmonica alone, a guitar backing alone, and then the Pulmonica and guitar for you to play along to.

MP3 files and Sheet Music

Click on the hyperlinks below to either open the audio files directly in your default media player or to save them to your computer to play later. You must have an audio player like the Windows Media Player or Apple QuickTime or RealPlayer installed on your computer in order to hear these files on your computer. Almost every computer has an audio player installed when it is purchased.

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Please let us know how you like these and we might add more.

We also recommend Many lessons are in the key of C.

A finally, for a unique approach to playing harmonicas in medical therapy, visit