pulmonica_postcard frontpulmonica_postcard_jpeg Dana playing Pulmonica 2013-08-06 11.41.19 2013-08-07 14.46.34 2013-08-10 12.42.24 2013-08-07 15.17.49 2013-08-10 12.42.56 2013-08-10 12.43.00 2013-08-15 17.25.32 2013-08-16 12.50.08 AACVPR booth bag with pulmonica hand Dana and Honey sitting Dana in mountains2 IMG_0282 IMG_0294 IMG_0661 IMG_0684 in the box hand brown ML and Dana in mountains Pulmonica close up box, hand, brown

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  1. Angga

    I interest to Pulmonica devices for my COPD patient, how can I get this devices?. Please give me information about it. Thank you.
    Pulmonologist in Indonesia


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